BIRGITTA VAN DRIE in Lybeer Interpreted II
a project by Barry Camps & Charlotte Lybeer

Opening exhibition Friday 9 April 2010 19-23 h

Actionsfields Gallery
Hoogstraat 323, Brussels


in collaboration with Grafisch Atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven

Opening exhibition Sunday 12th of July 2009
Location: Museum de Wieger
Address: Oude Liesselseweg 29, Deurne
July 11th - August 30th 2009

Birgitta van Drie (Amersfoort 1974)
paints, draws and etches.
Magical creatures and recognisable elements are thrillingly brought together in a scenery, interior or other decor. This produces surprising works of art, sometimes startling or evoking compassion.
The wide selection of etchings which will be shown here are an imagery in detail of this uncanny world.

Bear under pollard willow, 2007, monotype, 20 x 30 cm



Opening 2 November 2008
Location: Timmerfabriek, Boschstraat 5-7 Maastricht (NL)


Maart 2008
Birgitta is nominated for the Parkstad Limburg Prijs 2008! Exhibition from12 April - 25 May at Het Glaspaleis, Heerlen.

27/08/2007 - 21/10/2007 Grafisch Atelier Daglicht, Eindhoven.
Gastatelier 3: Birgitta van Drie, Anna Stuijvenberg, Truike Verdegaal
monoprints and etchings Birgitta

Fire in Sphere


21/07/2007 - 19/08/2007 Galerie Dis, Maastricht.
Serenity, group exhibition